вторник, 25 января 2022 г.

Внимание 8 А и 8 Б классы! Задание на 26 января среда (один урок по расписанию)

 Doing the Right Things

Option 3. About environmental issues - составить на базе текста

Environmental Issues

Опции 3 и 4

Option 4. About the ways to solve ecological problems  - составить на базе текста и упр. 1 стр. 58


There are a lot of environmental problems nowadays, for example, water and air pollution. People should do some things to solve ecological problems and protect the environment.

Firstly, to reduce air and water pollution ... (5 sentences).

Secondly, to stop deforestation and protect nature and wildlife .... (3 sentences).

In addition, to produce less rubbish .... (2 sentences).

All these things should be done to solve ecological problems.

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