ученикам 7 класса

Exam topics
Module 1. 
I am going to give a  talk on Jobs. Remember to say  :
1.      About different kinds of jobs you know (page 7) (dangerous, socially important, etc.)
2.      What traits of character are necessary for different types of jobs (page 8)
3.      How teens can earn money (page 12)
4.      What jobs are popular in your country
5.      What job you would like to do in the future

Module 2. 
 Give a talk on Leisure Activities. Remember to say  :
  1. What leisure activities are popular in Russia (page 25)
  1. Why people travel (pages 26-27)

3. About the Internet as the way of spending free time (pages 28-38)
4. What arts are the most popular nowadays (pages 30-34) (museums, music, performances)
5. About your favourite places in St. Petersburg

Module 3. Mother Nature
 Give a  talk on Nature and Outdoor Activities. Remember to say  :
  1. About typical weather conditions in Russia  (page 44)

2. How the climate has changed recently  (page 45)
3. About popular extreme outdoor activities  (pages 46 and 54)
4. About basic survival skills (page 52)
5. Which tourist routes are popular in Russia, why (pages 24-Baikal, 59- planning a trip, 60 the Taiga)

Module 4. 
 Give a  talk on Healthy Lifestyle. Remember to say  :
  1. What people do to keep fit (page 61)
2. About possible health problems caused by modern gadgets (pages 62-63) 
3. If natural remedies can be helpful in treating illnesses and why (page 64)
4. About medical treatment for different illnesses (page 67)
5. If healthy lifestyle is popular in Russia, why? (page 72)

Module 5. 
 Give a  talk on Life Experiences. Remember to say  :
  1. About the role of a family in everybody’s life (page 79)
2. About positive and negative traits of your character (page 80)

3. About the most significant changes in people’s lives (pages 86-69)
4. About studying abroad as a way of getting new life experience  (pages 83 and 91)
5. About different Russian celebrations (page 96)

Module 6. 
Give a  talk on the Problems of Modern Society. Remember to say  :
  1. About the kinds of crimes (page 97)
  2. Whether the Internet can be dangerous for users, why? (page 104)
  3. What the most serious environmental problems in Russia are  (page 108)
  4. What can young people do to improve the ecological situation 
  5. About teens’ problems in the modern society

Module 7. 
 Give a  talk on Great Britain. Remember to say  :
  1. About the geographical position of the country
  2. About the main cities and the capital
  3. About population and languages
  4. About national symbols the country has
  5. About the most interesting British traditions
  6. What places you would like to visit in Great Britain and why

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