ученикам 9 класса


Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Foreign Languages.
Remember to say about:
  • the reasons to study foreign languages;
  • the ways to learn a foreign language;
  • what foreign languages you would like to learn and why.
Optional Questions:
  1. why a lot of young people learn foreign languages

  2. how people can improve their language skills

  3. what foreign languages you would like to learn and why

  4.  why lots of people learn foreign languages nowadays

  5.  why you have chosen to do the English exam this year

  6.  what you did to prepare for your English exam

  7. What languages do you learn at school?

  8.  What other language would you like to learn, why?

  9. When did you start learning English?

  10.  What do you do to improve your English? 

  11. What foreign language besides English would you like to learn, and why?

  12. How do you prepare for your English exam? 

  13. What language apart from English would you like to learn and why?

  14. What do you usually do during your English lessons?

  15. What is the most effective way to learn a foreign language in your opinion?

  16. What English - speaking country attracts you most and why?

  17. What British holidays seem the most interesting to you?

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Travelling.
Remember to say about:

  • why most people like  travelling / why modern people travel so much
  • what people like doing while travelling;
  • what means of transport is the best for travelling, and why;
  • whether it is easier to travel nowadays than centuries ago, and why;
  • what places in Russia you would like to visit;
  • what country or continent you would like to visit, why;
  • what place you would like to go, and why;
  • which season is the best for travelling in your opinion;
  • what places in your country you recommend tourists should visit

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Leisure and sports activities.
Remember to say about:
  • why doing sport is very important for modern teenagers;

  • what sports activities are popular with teenagers in your region;

  • what you do to keep fit;

  • why a healthy lifestyle is popular nowadays;

  • what you  enjoy doing in your free time;

Optional Questions:

  • What else besides sport  do young people do to keep fit?

  • What sports clubs and teams are there in your school? 

  • What sports facilities can you use in your school?

  • Why do teenagers often do extreme sports?

  • What sports do you like?

  • What hobbies are popular with Russian teenagers?

  • Why do people collect things? 

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Holidays in Russia.
Remember to say about:
  • what public  (most popular)  holidays are celebrated in Russia

  • what your favourite (public) holiday is, and why you like it

  • how your favourite public holiday is celebrated in your city, town or village/ how you celebrate it

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Culture and Arts.
Remember to say about:
  • what kinds of films modern teenagers enjoy (you like);

  • whether you prefer to read a book or watch its film adaptation first; 

  • where you prefer watching films: on TV, on the Internet or in the cinema, and why;

  • what film you have seen recently, what  it was about;

  • why people spend time watching TV;

  • what TV programmes you really like;

  • what kind of music you like; 

  • whether you find visiting museums interesting and why.

Optional Questions:

  • What do most teenagers prefer: watching TV or  browsing the Internet, and why?

  • Is watching TV a popular pastime with teenagers, and why, or why not?

  • Do you think it is necessary to have music lessons at school, why? 

  • Do you think it’s exciting to be a famous actor and why? 

  • What museum would you like to set up, if any?

  • Are cartoons still popular with you and your friends?

  • Do you often go to the cinema, and why yes or no?

  • When did you last see a theatrical performance? 

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Future Career.
Remember to say about:
  1. what jobs, in your opinion, will be popular in the future, and why

  2. what job you want to do in the future

3. what school subjects will be important for your future job

4. whether any job you wouldn’t agree to do, why yes or no
5. whether your family approve of your career choice or not
6. what advice your parents have given you about your career choice

7. what job and education opportunities young people have after finishing the 9th form

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Being a Teenager.
Remember to say about:

  • about the problems of young people;
  • the kinds of arguments and misunderstanding between parents and children;
  • the ways that teenagers can use to solve their problems;
  • why a teenager needs friends;
  • your best friend (appearance, character)
  • the duties of modern teens (domestic chores, shopping - places, siblings care);
  • what healthy lifestyle means for you (balanced diet, sports, bad habits, daily regime).

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Personality.
Remember to say about:
  • your family members (appearance, character);
  • the favourite celebrations and holidays of your family;
  • the fashion style you prefer on different occasions;
  • the hobbies which are popular among teens;
  • your hobbies and interests;
  • positive and negative features of your character.

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Education and School.
Remember to say about:
  • your reasons to go to school;
  • your school (classrooms, facilities, school rules, after-school activities);
  • your typical school day;
  • different school subjects and your favourite ones;
  • pluses and minuses of wearing a school uniform;
  • what you know about school exchange programmes.

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Innovations.
Remember to say about:
  • the importance of technologies in our life;
  • what invention you think is the most useful, why;
  • modern technologies/inventions and how you use them (robots, transport, household work, medicine, entertainment).

Give a 2-minute talk on the topic Russia.
  • what places you would recommend to visit in Russia, why;
  • what your city is famous for;
  • what your favourite place in your city is and why you like it;
  • what public holidays are celebrated in Russia;
  • how your favourite public holiday is celebrated in your city;
  • what technological achievements of Russia you know;
  • about the contribution of Russia to the world’s development.

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